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Hi I'm James Nicolay, and I looove cats. I am a literature teacher by weekdays, photography teacher by weekends, and at home, I am a cat daddy. 

I've had experiences of breeding cats with regular cats for 5 years, until I fell in love with the fancier breeds and thought I could spread some more kitten love to willing cat-parent(s) in Metro Manila.

In 2018, I imported 6 cats: two female Scottish fold kittens (Fifi and Lili), two male British Shorthair kittens (Koko and Pyro), and two British Longhair kittens, male and female (Cielo and Yooki, respectively). The goal was to be able to offer healthy Scottish and British kittens, both longhair or shorthair varieties.

In 2019, with the birth of the first three cat litters from Fifi, Lili, and Yooki, I decided to expand to offer more British kittens by adopting two more female British kittens (Fennekin and Vanilla).


By 2020, there will be steady stock of kittens that I could offer to everybody--with also possible option for helping others start their cat breeding business by adopting cats from my cattery with different cat parents.

Hopefully, you can adopt and rehome some of the babies from my cattery! They're super adorable and are as attractive as their imported counter-parts. Best of all, they're more affordable and more secure to get than importing a cat yourself from Europe.

Thank you for getting to know about my cattery!

You can reach me by contacting me at 0928 503 4878 or clicking Contact button below.

- James

with Fifi Koko and Lili
with Koko w/ bunny cap
with Cielo and Pyro from Europe
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